Slovenia X Photoreal With Airports

Slovenia X Photoreal for P3D and FSX has been released and is now available. You can think of it as Slovenia V2.0, or Slovenia X on steroids, with a complete LOD15 photoreal coverage, which brings it to life in vivid colours and astonishing detail.

Incredible amount of data has been again processed, transformed, retouched and adapted for sim use. It comes with all the goodies from Slovenia X and Slovenia X airports: diverse autogen, custom objects, accurate building placements, 41 airfields and airstrips, 3D seasonal vegetation at airports, etc.

Some of the elements and autogen have been completely regenerated and repositioned. The size is considerable: 42 GB. This amount of data integrates three-seasonal lush green coverage for spring, summer, autumn and snowy winter wonderland during winter months.

You can find more about the product and all of its features at this link:

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