Flight Simulator – Feature Episode 4 Cockpits

Watch the new official preview video of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Lead software engineer at Asobo Studios introduce the cockpit enhancements and technical refinements developed by his team !

  • Analog cockpit :
    • high definition instruments
    • new simulated data for the gauges and needles
  • Glass cockpit :
    • New management of the rendering engine for the screens
    • 2D displays or 3D synthetic vision
    • Touchscreen simulation
  • New lights management scripts, and dim any light as you like
  • Tooltips and contextual info
  • Configurable Checklists, interactive and highlights of the respective control/instrument
  • New calibration tool for your flight devices
  • Home cockpits and multiscreens support
  • New effects for both exterior / interior 3D model :
    • PBR
    • Ambient occlusion
    • Screen reflection
    • Radiance
    • 4K textures
  • New cockpit cameras
    • Dynamic movements due to head or mechanics simulated data
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