Flight 1 – EZdok Camera V3 FSX P3D

With EZdok Camera V3, using the tool is a major change for any pilot in P3D V4 or FSX, and for environnements of Microsoft systems versions Windows 7 and 10. Moving in and around the aircraft is easy : preset the virtual cockpit and external views, and move, pan, zoom in or out…

Another aspect is the head movement enhancements : they are dynamic and affected by the flight and aircraft situation. Feel vibrations, turbulences, shakings, these effects raise much the immersion. Discover and order at simMarket.

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Jørn Lundtoft
Jørn Lundtoft
4 years ago

For Gods sake, remove that music!!!!!
I stopped watching after a few minutes, as it makes it very hard to concentrate on the video itself.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jørn Lundtoft

Agreed – and stop milking existing customers with expensive upgrade charges for every version change!

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