FS2Crew – FSLabs Airbus V1.3 Update

For the most advanced Airbus simulation in the P3D4 market, I mean FSLabs A320-X and A319-X, you get the ultimate Pilot in Command simulation if you add FS2Crew on top of it.

FS2Crew announce the launch of the update version 1.3 with the following changelog :

“1. New Departure Brief Option to leave Flaps Up if taxing to a de-icing station.

2. Reset audio option revamped on the Audio Page. It’s vastly more robust now. If you ever find your FO audio has dropped, press this button to restore your audio. Audio can drop if your audio connection drops. This is usually the result of your headset going to sleep. It’s a somewhat common problem if using a wireless/ Bluetooth headset.

3. New autobrake option: OFF

4. Female Pilot Monitoring’s voice file for “After Landing Checklist” fixed.”

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