Microsoft Flight Simulator : Discovery Episode 5 Soundscape Official Video

The latest official video to showcase the features of Microsoft Flight Simulator details in depth the sound effects they have been working on. Check it out :

  • Dynamic audio and new variables
  • Editable audio sounds and effects, with XML files, accessible to the simmers
  • 3D Audio and numerous channels to simulate the sounds in a realistic manner depending on your position and proximity of the audio source
  • Cockpit audio : actual recordings of button switches, instruments, doors, flaps,..
  • Environmental audio :
    • mountains reflect aircraft sounds,
    • doppler effect to reflect passing-by aircraft sounds,
    • water and wind sounds
  • Aircraft physics related to audio : landing impact, wheels roll on ground..
  • World ambient sounds are different according to the region and time of day: african bush versus  Alaskan regions for example, sunrise versus night time
  • Rain and storms audio effects, with drops impacts on aircraft body
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