FSDT – EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Update

The previous update version 1.3 for EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg LFSB was released by FSDreamTeam at the end of last month in January.

More improvements, buildings details, and fire department vehicles have been addded in a new update. As usual, run FSDT Live Update.

Changelog :

– REGA helicopter base remodeled.
– Fire Department remodeled with dynamic lights.
– New Fire Department vehicles, appearing different configs on each session.
– PREVIEW of the upcoming GSX Firetruck as a static model.
– More realistic colors on some pylons in the back car parking lot.
– Added slanted glass panel near Gate 5 and 35.
– Added some dustbins on main terminal terrace.
– SkyLounge remodeled, with sunshades opening/closing depending on the time of day.
– Skylights and metal covers on main terminal remodeled.
– More detail on gate piers.
– More detail on several hangars.
– EuroAirport sign with correct size and better night lighting.
– Fixed elevation mismatch causing airplanes bumping when taxiing on maintenance area.

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