FS2020 – Feature Discovery Episode #06 Airports

New episode 6 to discover more features in Flight Simulator 2020 !

ALL airports worldwide are featured in FS2020, including 37’000 of them are manually edited from small grass strips fields to international hubs.

Edition of airports based on high definition aerial views with specific design tool following these 3 steps :

1/ Drawing airport main items

  • perimeter
  • runway placement according to Magnetic North
  • taxiways, markings, parking spots accurately placed,

2/ Defining surfaces

  • Identification for future surface settings in relation with physics : landing gear impact, grip, skid,
  • Runway slopes
  • Materials application with colors lights adjustement, and visual effects

3/ Life in airports

  • AI aircraft improvements
  • Jetways animations
  • Ground vehicles services with objects, workers, detailed animated parts
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