Hopping Round the World Adventure becomes Ready Captain

BIGGER. BETTER. REAL WORLD HD LANDSCAPES. MORE THAN 2,000 takeoffs and landings while visiting the continents of North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia with all local seasons for the date and time flown. For the first time ever we get to experience the world as it is up-close and personal right from the start.

Every trip has many unknowns. Come sharpen your piloting skills while commanding your aircraft from the left seat.

EXCLUSIVELY BUILT for Microsoft Flight Simulator HD Ready Captain will visit the world’s most dangerous airports, tons of bush flying, discover unknown airfields, test your IFR and VFR skills in real-world weather conditions while utilizing a myriad of big iron, props & jet props, classics, seaplanes and military equipment to uncover as many locations to enrich your flying experience. DON’T MISS the most exciting piloting experience!

With real-world weather and updated dynamics the realism of rain to snow to sleet to ice to blizzard to thunderstorms and most challenging of all fog with low visibility. Maybe we might just fly past your home or some of your favorite landmarks.

With 40,000 airports to explore there is no telling which flight will bring the most cherished memories.

Check out the COMPLETED HRW map on READY CAPTAIN from our first adventure. Our site continues to build and grow in preparation for the start of Ready Captain on Microsoft Flight Simulator HD.

We plan to broadcast our flights on Twitch. In addition, many videos will be posted on our Ready Captain YouTube channel.

Ready Captain YouTube Channel

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