REX – Sky Force Technical Update 2.4

REX Sky Force is the weather engine for P3D v4/v1 and FSX that goes beyond the simulator limits, to restructure the 3D clouds models, and to optimize their representation with live update in the simulator.

They informed their fans that the latest patch Technical Update 2.4.0 is available. The following changelog is extracted from the full user manual available here.

Technical Update 2.4.0
Fixed – Mapping upper level winds greater than 100kts depiction
Fixed – Upper level winds greater than 100kts with weather injection
Fixed – Green bar showing when disabled
Fixed – Cloud shader brightness
Fixed – Weather briefing connection
Added – Function to prevent re-registration after software update
Added – Function to save themes to server
Added – Function to save user settings to server
Added – Functions for preparation of Creative Update 1.0 content
Added – Support for PMDG weather file
Added – New weather data export json file for 3rd-party developer SDK

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