Sim Skunk Works – Fiat/Aeritalia G91 A/R/PAN FREE 24h only

As promised by simMarket, the modern pack of Sim Skunk Works – Fiat/Aeritalia G91 A/R/PAN, released in 2019 with PBR materials and compatible with TacPack is completely FREE today, for 24 hours only.

It exists for P3D V4.3+ and FSX : enjoy “1 Giveaway 1 Day”, especially if you have to Stay At Home.

2 Responses

  1. Anyone else having issues with blacked out textures inside & out? Also asks for a serial but I wasn’t given one after getting it through simMarket? Can’t see it on the downloads page?!

    Also wanted to say thanks for the kind offer of a free aircraft!

    1. Read the email that comes after you purchase it, that explains everything. Its a 2 part download. The second installer is the link in the email

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