Prepar3D V5 : on April 14th

Lockheed Martin announced the launch of the new version of Prepar3D 5 next week, on April 14th.

They introduce it as the first big step “in the development of an all new platform”. It will support DirectX 12, allows the airports designers to make sloping runways. There are also two major improvements integrated : “Realistic sky, clouds, and atmosphere with Simul trueSKY integration.” and “Dynamic ocean with NVIDIA WaveWorks 2.0″.

Their announcement lists also the new aircraft and enhancements : for example, the “F-35B and F-35C variants with PBR textures developed by IndiaFoxtEcho, Updated F-35A model with PBR textures developed by IndiaFoxtEcho, and Updated F-22 model developed by IRIS Simulations.”.

10 Responses

  1. Now, this is odd and unexpected…

    I guess the only way they can get people on board now is if add on works without repurchase, otherwise people will not spend the money to update everything to V5 only to then move to MSFS.

    Kudos to LM for trying thought, either they know something about MSFS and are not scared or they think MSFS won’t last long.

      1. Lockheed Martin has not communicated yet on that point. Based on the previous versions, I can summarize than free upgrades have been from V4.0 tp V4.5 but V5 is a new version.. so expect it full price.

          1. I am ok with paying for a new sim, less ok with paying for addons to be updated, at least not full price.

            In this case, with FS2020 on the horizon, it makes less sense to repurchase everything.

          2. I’m not buying any new flight sim until FS2020 is out. If it is a flop, I will reconsider

    1. Lockheed doesn’t really care about competing with FS2020. Majority of their customers are military/air force orginizations and not flight simmers.

      1. I am sure they care, 50 $ times 100.000 users = 250.000.000$ that is a lot of money you can save developing for military/air force orginizations.

        1. Just realized I tyed 2250 million, he he ment 5 million of course, wich is still nice for “free” development money.

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