FlyTampa – Copenhagen V2 P3D4

In the new Version 2 of Copenhagen for P3D4, FlyTampa has worked on both the airport buildings update, and on the addition of new visual features.

SODE, PBR and the high resolution textures are among the high standard features, of course. Registered customers of the previous version can upgrade to V2 at a reduced price.

V2 Changelog :

-Terminal expansion and Pier C remodeling
-Terminal high resolution textures and PBR materials
-Runway expansion
-New Jetways supporting native ctrl+J and SODE functions
-Completely remodeled ground with PBR materials
-New airport buildings added since first version
-Dynamic lighting
-Seasonal switches and complete sets of seasonal textures
-New apron vehicles
-New apron vehicle animations with dynamic lights

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