Pilot’s FSG – FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020 FTX P3D4 P3D5

It’s possible to get a world mesh with an entire Earth coverage. And the solution suggested by Pilot’s FSG reaches the maximum high defiinition of 1m (LOD15) when the source data allowed it.

In addition, the manual editing process of FS Global Ultimate NG 2020 eliminated possible errors automaticallly generated by the algorythm and the features also include “AFM2 for alignment of airport elevations”. Anyway, you need a reliable internet connection to get the 72 Gb download product.

Reduced price upgrades from previous version of FS Global may be possible, further information have been posted on the developers website.

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4 years ago

The price makes my eyes water

4 years ago
Reply to  Sean

However and again more expensive and as a download only for virtual mountains. I have integrated the Old Version Ultimate 2018 Version manuel into the Scenery.config and this works without any Problems. Stay save at home and save Money ūüôā

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