FSDG Sceneries P3D5 Updates

Right after P3D V5 release by Lockheed Martin, numerous scenery developers said they would make upgrades for their airports within 2 weeks.

Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) has been among them, and you can already find below a comprehensive list of their compatible products with the latest P3D !

Log in your account at simMarket, and pick up the newest files to install their beautiful airports. The upgrades are all free.

– Ayers Rock (v2.2)
– Bangalore LITE (v1.3)
– Beziers (v1.1/v1.2)
– Bodrum LITE (v1.1)
– Cape Town (v1.1)
– Casablanca (v1.1)
– Dakar LITE (v1.1)
– Djerba (v3.1)
– Durban (v1.0)
– Enfidha LITE (v1.2)
– Graz (v1.2)
– La Romana LITE (v1.1)
– Mauritius (v1.3)
– Mayotte (v1.1)
– Reunion (v1.2/v1.3)
– Rhodes (v1.3)
– Seychelles (v2.1/v2.2)
– Sharm El-Sheikh (v2.2)
– St Lucia (v1.1)
– St Vincent (v1.2)
– Pilots of the Caribbean (v1.1)
– FSDG Scenery Configurator (v1.1)
– FSDG SODElink (v3.1)
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