Aerosoft – Mega Airport Frankfurt V2.0 Professional P3D Update

Earlier today, Aerosoft announcement will please many so many simmers, with a much wider audience that is not limited to Germany. They made a free update for Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional P3D, the 4th busiest airport in Europe.

Not only it’s now compatible with P3D V5, it’s also upgraded with new items and features.

Changelog :
  • Corrected Dockingsystem Types and Postions
  • Preparation for optional SODE Jetways
  • Add WigWags to the Runwayentries
  • Change PAPI Code to V4/V5 SDK
  • Add ASUpdater
  • Release Version for P3D V5
  • AI Traffic follows the Taxiway bridges
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3 years ago

you should check you P3D V5 Addon update news, because there are non of the Sim-wings Professional (and other) Sceneries updated for V5 and available by Aerosoft and Simmarket the last weeks listed.

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