ToLiss – A319/A321 X-Plane Vulkan Compatibility Update

You can count on the A319 And A321 advanded simulations of ToLiss to be able to fly in X-Plane Vulkan version.

The Airbus models have been updated and even includes other enhancements.

“Major new features on A319 (already baseline on A321) – not exhaustive list – :
  • Complete rework of the flight path computation backbone for more accurate computed path
  • Addition of the FIX INFO page
  • Addition of the SECONDARY FLIGHT PLAN
  • FMGS now supports temporary flight plans on ground, airways to airways intersection computation and lots more
  • Addition of standby compass and opening cockpit door.
  • Reorganization of the ISCS for more intuitive operation.
  • Addition of ToteDeMacs Textures as baseline
  • New features on both aircraft:
  • Rework of PFD colours and Landing system symbology
  • Added a warning, if experimental flight model is on, to ensure you switch it off and get the right performance
  • Adapted aircraft to allow sounds and ground vehicles when using XP11.50 Vulkan including frame rate improvements
  • Pause at T/D now stops one minute before reaching the T/D.
  • Smoother FD and AP behaviour in managed descent.
  • Sound balancing rework
  • Performance rework at high altitude
  • Rework of the EPR value computation for the IAE engines”
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