Microsoft Flight Simulator – Feature Discovery Episode 08 IFR

A lead designer of Asobo Studios, developers team of Microsoft Flight Simulator, explains and demonstrates many features of their highly attended product.

This new Feature Discovery Episode is full dedicated to IFR related items : flight planning, GA and airliners navigation equipments, ATC..

    • Partnership with NavBlue (Airbus company) for flight operations and data
    • ARINC navigation database, updated with AIRAC cycles,
    • SID/STAR included
    • GA planes can load Garmin units 430/530, G3X, G1000, G3000 and G5000
    • FMC/MCDU with a few pages included by default : DATA, INIT, RAD, PERF
    • Flight altitude constraints
    • Reduced thrust support at takeoff beside TO/GA
    • Autopilot modes, Auto-thrust for Airbus, Auto-throttle for Boeing
    • Weather radar
    • Start your flight anywhere on Earth, even in flight, engines running or dark and gold at an airport gate
    • flight plan edition by adding/removing waypoint, flight altitude suggested, edition also possible in cockpit on GPS
    • Export / import with external tools compatibility
  • ATC
    • Ground control during taxi from/to runways
    • AI aircraft support
    • SID/STAR, vector approach support
    • Copilot can manage ATC communications for you

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