Vidan Design – Aalborg X V1.2 Update P3D5

Among the numerous news at Vidan Design workshop, it’s important to note that the Danish airport Aalborg X (EKYT) has been upgraded to version 1.2 with P3D5 compatibility offered for all registered customers.

Aalborg v1.2 Changelog :

  • The scenery is now compatible with P3Dv5
  • Added Airport Technics hangar
  • Added Emergency Helicopter Base
  • ADE file updated
  • Ground polygon updated with new GA apron
  • Added GA parking 11 and 12
  • Added new windsock
  • Photo real ground textures updated
  • Ground polygon textures updated
  • Taxi light effect updated

Vidan Design keeps updating more airfields for general aviation pilots too :

Danish Airfields X Sindal EKSN v1.7 Update :

  • Updated the installer to support P3Dv5
  • Added dynamic apron lightning (P3Dv4/5 only)
  • Fixed an issue with transparency on tower windows
  • Updated taxiway light effects.

And the home airport development of the main designer is also showing more progress, Aarhus EKAH Preview :

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