REVIEW : Sierrasim Cúcuta Camilo Daza International Airport P3D

Boarding call
It is time to put down the magazines, finish off the morning coffee because your flight to Camilo Daza International Airport (SKCC) is now ready for boarding! Sit down, strap in and expect a truly unique and lasting experience as you embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Cúcuta!

This fast-evolving northeast Colombian city close to the Venezuelan border, home to some 850,000 people, Sierrasim‘s newest addition to South America welcomes everyone with the promise of a first-class experience. What lies ahead is more than just a trip like many others.

Sheer sorcery, that is what it is! And indeed, from the very moment of vacating the runway, CUC will not cease to amaze the virtual captain, whatever the nature of the business calling; whatever the season or time of day.

Defining quality time
When it comes to scenery products, it is all about shelf-life, withstanding the grinding teeth of time, it is about resisting the spinning wheel. The choice is massive and the assertive pilot selects his destination wisely and carefully.

Fortunately, sim-fuel costs nothing, but time is still money, and it is a logical intention to make the most out of it. While there are more familiar-sounding ports of call, I encourage you to cancel all other flights and give Cúcuta a chance. Regret thou shall not.

Face to face
The devil lies in the details, my friend. Slow down, park your aircraft, put on that hi-viz vest and dare to get up close. Real close, I mean. Have no fear to observe. Discern the myriads of forms and shapes and colours, follow patterns of movements, witness and evaluate.

And when the cycle is complete, do it all over again. Cúcuta has so much to offer that you will never stop discovering, no matter how many times you give yourself into it, no matter how deep you dig. The place is gently inviting you to explore its most jealously kept secrets. Inspect the architecture along the way, the vast array of different buildings, modelled with staggering precision; stumble upon busy service vehicles rushing about their daily duties, wherever it takes them.

As if you transcended into a world that has a life of its own; although part of a greater whole yet not at all depending upon it. Silence your senses for a brief moment, just listen and you will find that this world answers your questions if you ask them. It replies in terms of sharp-as-a-blade texturing, communicating exceptional quality throughout.

There is no need to gather what is available because space is precious and the list would be far too long. It is easier to speak of a circle that is full.

An inner journey
But it’s not only the inside of the circle that matters for it would be nothing but half-truth without allowing at least a glimpse of the fascinating area that encompasses the field. And indeed, Cúcuta is surrounded by some of the most spectacular landscapes an eye can behold, blessed with natural beauties so supreme that it would be outright nonsense not to feature them in some way.

This beauty alone sets it apart from most of the others. Approaching any of the four runways is just as cathartic an experience as sitting on the apron enjoying both the fine modelling of the structures as well as the breathtaking scenery all around. The eastern branch of the Colombian Andes that embraces the airport as the setting sun slowly disappears and the magnificent night lights take charge is like a painting on the most expensive canvas.

This airport has a heart that beats like a shamanic drum, it has a mystic rhythm that evokes more than just feelings. It thrills and captivates the unwary guest and when the moment comes to kiss goodbye, no soul is able to leave without making the sacred promise of a forthcoming visit rather sooner than later.

Or it may occur by the time you finish taxi and slowly line up for departure that the intention to leave has utterly faded; torn into million pieces under the siege of an invisible force that gives no rest until you succumb to the urge within and return to stand. Stay for a while, it says, why hurry?

Live it, love it
Sierrasim has once again raised the bar and I cannot even imagine the level of magic that lies ahead after this one. Words are all too frail and powerless to describe this piece of art therefore the best I can recommend is to give yourself a favour and experience it for yourself.

Reviewed under P3DV4, Cúcuta is worth “Cinco Estrellas” without a doubt.


  • architectural elements painstakingly recreated
  • gorgeous night-time illumination
  • breathtaking surrounding landscape
  • very performance-friendly without noticeable FPS drop


  • the car park could do with more objects
  • lacking animated airport vehicles

Computer specifications

  • I7 6700K 4.6 GHz
  • 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 2666 MHz RAM
  • MSI Geforce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5
  • 750GB SSD + 1TB HDD

by Zsolt

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