Flight Simulator Benchmarch with 28 GPUs

A new generation of Flight Simulator has always been intricated with hardware upgrades and PC performance.

With the new video of Hardware Unboxed, you will have a more precise idea of your current graphic card power or what kind of new graphics card you should look at, depending on your monitor resolution, your budget and the performance in MSFS that you expect.

At simFlight, we confirm with our own experience what we’ve heard from many hardware specialists on YouTube and in the hardware medias, the best ratio of performance/budget are currently the Nvidia RTX 2070 Super, or AMD RX 5700 XT.

Superior models are not useless of course, but the price gap is not enough justified by the additional performance.

Just take in account that Nvidia will launch the new RTX 3xxx series in the next weeks. They will offer more performance for sure, but their price range and exact release dates are unknown. High range cards will be released first (3090-3080), followed by the middle range models (3070) probably in October.

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