Flight1 – Ultimate Terrain Installers compatible P3D5

Flight One Software and Scenery Solutions have released Prepar3D v5 installers of all version 2 editions of Ultimate Terrain.

Ultimate Terrain in Prepar3D v5 is an excellent product if you are wanting to make Prepar3D version 5 as visually accurate as possible. Roads, Rivers, Streams, Landclass, Waterclass, and more is packed into Ultimate Terrain.

Using many of the Ultimate Terrain advanced options along with some of the new Prepar3D HDR and lighting adjustments can yield excellent results.

Regions available (each region retails for EUR 26.99 EUR (+VAT) :

Each region is a FREE upgrade for all previous version 2 customers of that region. You can get the latest version in the Flight1 Agent. If you purchased through a 3rd party web store, the new installers will be provided to them in the next few days.

Note: If you are not using Prepar3D v5 there is no need to upgrade.

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