Just Flight – VC10 and Lighting Plugin Previews

The VC-10 in development at Just Flight for X-Plane shows new liveries when they leave the paintshop. In this pack, the variants will include the standard, super & RAF models.

The publisher has another interesting project to implement a realistic Lighting Plugin in P3D, and Just Flight already decided to integrate this plugin with their upcoming 146 Professional. This plugin adds a flashlight to your pointer when the cockpit is dark and cold, and it will also manage the realistic lights in standard situation when its powered.

New Lighting Plugin from Just Flight

The development team here at Just Flight have been busy working on a new lighting plugin that takes advantage of all the latest P3D technology to produce realistic and immersive cockpit lighting. Our upcoming 146 will be the first aircraft to feature this system and we’ve put together this short video to demonstrate the functionality and visual quality it offers. In addition to realistic cockpit lighting, we have also added a useful flashlight feature for walkarounds and cold a dark starts in low light conditions. The team are also working on a new 3D sound plugin to handle the 400+ custom sounds that will feature in the 146. More news on that soon.More on the 146 Professional on the Product Page:https://www.justflight.com/product/146-professional-p3d

Gepostet von Just Flight am Freitag, 16. Oktober 2020

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