FSdreamteam – Vancouver Update MSFS

Vancouver CYVR in MSFS is even better now with the new update prepared by FSdreamteam and installed when you run FSDT Live Update.

They added the Main Terminal Pier D extension  with its interiors and several other items have been added or enhanced to complete the scenery content.

Changelog :

  • Main Terminal Pier D extension added, complete with interiors.
  • Airside Operations building area added, including a working Wind generator.
  • Updated and added ground details in the West De-icing pad.
  • Added D5-D7-D9 taxiways at the start of RWY26L.
  • Added displaced threshold to RWY26L.
  • Added overrun areas to runways 13/31 ends.
  • Added Windsocks and ILS antennas.
  • Updated background and aprons around the former fire training area.
  • All Ground Markings for parking spots updated to current visual style.
  • All parking spots positions and numbers updated, to match current 2020 charts.
  • Many ground markings added or updated.
  • Added several GA parking spots in the south area of the airport.
  • Many new vehicle paths added or updated to match the airport changes.
  • Updated Magnetic variation to 2020. Fixed all ILS auto-approaches.
  • Added HSBC logos to jetways.
  • Added more varied textures for shops in the terminal interiors.
  • Fire Training airplane moved.

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