IndiaFoxtEcho – MB-339 Update v1.10

The popular MB-339 aircraft add-on for MSFS designed by IndiaFoxtEcho benefits of an important update v1.10 to improve the flight model instability, add animation to the rear pilot, and other gauges or textures fixes.

It’s an extremely detailed aircraft, both for exterior and interior models, and it comes with 8 liveries.

v1.10 Changelog :

  • complete remake of the flight model in order to fix Modern flight model instability and Legacy model compatibility
  • adjustments to flap, gears and speed brake cycle times
  • improvements to HGU-33 helmet geometry
  • added animation to rear pilot figure
  • fixed DME not working for Tacan (NAV 2)
  • fixed bug preventing correct DME behaviour in some cases
  • fixed ADI glideslope indicator not working correctly in some cases
  • fixed incorrect behavior of ADI indexer
  • fixed miscellaneous geometry issues and glitches
  • fixed miscellaneous geometry smoothing issues
  • improved altimeter animations
  • fixed bug preventing GSARM to work with VOR/ILS
  • cleaned up canopy textures
  • WWise sound configuration courtesy of Christophe de Bortoli (Erkin)

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