Microsoft Flight Simulator – Sim Update 2 and VR added

The new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been made available for the 2.000.000 pilots worldside. To install the Sim Update 2, MS Store app downloads 1.03 Gb, and then the simulator retrieves another 13.67 Gb.

As explained earlier on the official website, Sim Updates mean this is an important core improvement : Virtual Reality support is now included, for major VR headsets and devices. Watch below their “Feature Discovery Series Episode 9 : VR” for more details.

And many aircraft, airliners and general aviation models, have a very long list of fixes and enhancements.

4 Responses

  1. Once again, downloaded a new update and MSFS2020 is not working. I foresee a fourth MSFS2020 re-install within a week. MAKE COPIES OF COMMUNITY FOLDER!!!!!!!

    1. The reason I parked MSFS in the hangar for a while. Just too unstable flying-wise and stability-wise. Update ran without a hitch, BUT I don’t have any add-ons installed.

  2. Totally unnecessary. All you have to do is rename it and create a new Community directory next to it.

  3. Hey Jamie I did the same cannot fly or enjoy the game right now. Back to XPLANE for me

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