FlightControlReplay v4.5 (MSFS P3D FSX) Enters in Closed Beta

FlightControlReplay v4.5 officially enters in Closed Beta test.

If we do not find a big issue, FCR v4.5 will be available in January at (exclusive) with a price of 18 euro + VAT. But the update will be FREE for all customers of previous versions (via Simmarket update notification) !

Finally Simmers can use FlightControlReplay potential also in MSFS ! Re-Live, VideoRendering and more …. other than these, Simmers can use all new features introduced by this new v4.5 !

New features of FlightControlReplay v4.5 (for all versions MSFS – P3D – FSX) are the following :

  • “New Video Rendering Mode” (COMPRESSED VIDEO CAPTURING and FrameByFrame rendering choosing your preferred FPS )
  • “New Video Rendering Speed option” (1/4 – x4) for User Object and also for AI objects
  • “Change Camera Record” Feature (ChangeCamera management are working for MSFS and P3D natively, for FSX you can choose change camera only after you configured HotKeySelect in CameraDefinition files , please refer to FSX Documentation )
  • Record/Play Algorithm enhancements for User airplane and also for AI planes (Now you are able fly in-formation flight with a max of 3 AI planes at time)
  • Microsoft “Surface Dial Integration ” (This works for MSFS and for P3D – FSX it is not compatible)
  • FlightIllusion “GSA-42 integration”
  • DOFREALITY Motion platform support
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