FlyTampa – Amsterdam P3D5 Update & New Dynamic Lights Preview

Before we see the version 2 of Amsterdam Schipol EHAM, FlyTampa starts with an update mainly designed for P3D5 compatibility enhancement (optimized lights, textures fixes, automatic season switch…). Get their P3D Universal installer here and enter your Amsterdam P3D serial to install the latest version.

Full changelog Amsterdam V1.3 :

  • Implemented FlyTampa Universal Installer
  • Improved P3Dv5 compatibility
  • Corrected airport elevation problems
  • Automatic seasonal texture switches
  • Optimised autogen around the airport
  • Airport dynamic lights
  • Optimised city 3D lights
  • Airport lights switch on automatically at low-visibility
  • Fixed ground texture artifacts-Functional VDGS units for P3Dv5

See below the new dynamic lights that FlyTampa will use in 2021 for taxiways, able to “reflect in and light up your aircraft” body.

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