Kinetic Assitant Update Announced

Recently offered for free by Touching Cloud at simMarket for all MSFS pilots during “Academy” weekends, the software Kinetic Assistant has been updated.

It’s a tool for arresting cables on aircraft carrier and for gliders towing simulation. Here’s the copy of their press release to announce the latest “.. significant program update which brings into MSFS unique functionality, mostly for glider pilots and their friends, but it can be used by anyone else as well. Maybe you will help us by making an announcement about this update with a short description,so we can get more attention to our product.

Shortly, now a pilot can attach his glider (or any other aircraft) to another AI or multiplayer aircraft by invisible wire. This way it can be delivered into the air in the most challenging way – towing is a team work and requires good flight control skills both for glider and tow plane. This is a common feature for competitive and even legacy flight simulators, but Asobo haven’t implemented it yet.

Official update notification, maybe some strings can be used from it:

Today we are happy to release the last planned feature of Kinetic Assistant – Aerotow! This is a present for all glider pilots as towing brings MSFS soaring to a completely new level. Now you can ask your friend to deliver you into the air, or take a tug role by yourself. You can always be attached to the AI aircraft as well, so it will be a good idea to put the AI plane as a tow-taxi into your favorite gliding airport and train your skills without limits.

Thermals improved as well – now you will experience smooth airflow conditions inside of the thermals, even if they are not part of the weather system.

And last – all Assistant features carefully tested with only fully working and freeware glider add-on for MSFS – DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S.

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