MK-Studios – Dublin MSFS Update

The Irish airport of Dublin EIDW, first product for MSFS by MK-Studios received an update today.

Customers have been notified by an e-mail from simMarket and the improvements included will add the ILS 16, will fix the runway 16/34 open and other details listed below.


– Runway 16/34 open,
– ILS 16 added,
– Taxiway labels fixed,
– Vehicles density adjusted on parking near 10R.

2 Responses

  1. No. I have NOT been notified and I can’t see any new version connected to my account?
    Or does the updated Version come with the same fliename as the previous?

    1. Hi,
      For product updates e-mails from simMarket, check they are activated in your customer account. Log in and go to Newsletter menun and check the box beside “PRODUCT UPDATES
      Receive notifications when your purchased products are updated.”
      Download the current installer from your orders history, it must be the latest version uploaded by the vendor despite of the filename that doesn’t reflect the version number.

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