Flightbeam Studios – KDEN Denver Update v1.4

New update v1.04 available for Denver airport KDEN in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The registered customers of FlightBeam Studios will have to uninstall their existing add-on and redownload the latest files with Contrail, the product manager.

Here is below the full changelog for this nice airport in Colorado, USA :

  • Significant revamp of the terrain system, fixes to flatten bumps and various taxiway issues
  • Custom ortho imagery for better blending
  • Added various custom objects in airport perimeter
  • Many fixes to models and textures for improved visuals
  • Fixed terrain for track tunneling
  • Custom ILS navaids
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3 years ago

I’m confused… I have installed version 1.0.4, picture on article says v1.4 but link says v1.04. Which one is accurate??

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