FlightControlReplay Professional v4.5 – March Update Available

New : First Episode of FlightControlReplay Professional tutorial (with also PLAYASAI FEATURE SHOWCASE)

FlightControlReplay v4.5 March Update is Here !

Fabio Merlo announced the March update release for the version 4.5 of FlightControlReplay Professional : highly acclaimed and complete Record / Replay utility for MSFS, P3D5 – P3D1 and FSX.

As promised, I’m committed to the addition of new features, fixing bugs when identified and listening to your feedback as well.

The update is FREE for all registered users.

Please uninstall your current version, download the updated setup from your customer account, and install this new version.


  • Performance fixes on Proprietary Algortihm for Smooth experience
  • “Continue from here” feature (MSFS only): Load a FCR recorded flight, select any point of your choice on the timeline Yellow Slider and click STOP. Now you can start live your flight from this point.
  • Bank angle improvements for acrobatic replay
  • AlwaysOnTop option (MSFS only)
  • “Continuous Loop” on Playing option
  • Keyboard assignment bugfix
  • Speech Recognition bugfix
  • New Option Dialog for MSFS version in FCR User Interface
  • Bug Fixes

New : Cinematics ShowCase FlightControlReplay Professional MARCH UPDATE (with also PlayAsAi Feature Showcase)

➔    Watch on YouTube (Cinematics Official Trailer March Update)

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