Vario Design – Carpentras LFNH MSFS

Between Aix-En-Provence and MontĆ©limar, and just a few dozen kilometers from Avignon, the small airfield Edgar Soumille LFNH in Carpentras is in the Southern French region of Provence and it’s now available in MSFS thanks to the careful work of Vario Design.

As before and often oriented towards the favorite spots of gliders, this new creation presents buildings and a photorealistic terrain, many 3D amenities such as static gliders in front of the sheds.

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3 years ago

Really great to have such small platforms available and beautifully designed ! If only MSFS2020 did support multi-screen I could port my home cockpit to it… But for now it’s impossible for home cockpit builders to switch to the (otherwise great) new platform. Vote for it šŸ˜‰

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