IndiaFoxtEcho – T-45C Goshawk MSFS Update v1.10

A long list of improvements included in the update v1.10 will make happy the registered customers of the beautiful T-45C Goshawk of IndiaFoxtEcho for MSFS.

Have a look at the differences and fixes you get when you download the latest version from simMarket :

– Redone external engine sounds
– Replaced internal engine sound main loop sample
– Fixed bug preventing setting the CRS on TACAN (Nav2)
– Created “Lite” versions of all aircrafts, with simplified XML code and geometry
– Implemented VR mouse collision model
– Fixed environmental occlusion geometry
– Fixed missing details in rear cockpit harnessing
– Fixed bug causing cockpit sounds from other T-45 to play in multiplayer
– Fixed formation light switch INOP
– Fixed bug causing the HUD throttle indicator not to work
– Fixed external lights not working after Sim Update 3
– Changed animation of retractable footstep so that automatically retracts when the canopy closes
– Changed HUD ILS logic so that ILS steering bar will only show if ILS is selected on the HSI-MFD
– Added TAWS Below Glideslope warning
– Added TAWS Check Gear warning
– Added TAWS Power Power warning

AND there’s also a Paintkit ready for Photoshop with separated layers.

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