IndiaFoxtEcho – T-45C Goshawk MSFS Update v1.15

More improvements have been added to the T-45C Goshawk for MSFS in its last update v1.15.

IndiaFoxtEcho edited the following changelog to let you know the exact items that they worked on.

Changelog v1.15 :

  • Improved TAWS logic for “Power, Power” audio cue, so that it does not play if throttle correction is not necessary
  • Improved TAWS logic for “Check Gear” audio cue, so that it does not play during Touch’n’go if the pilot retracts the landing gear below 500ft
  • Added automatic retraction of the launch bar if gear lever is not down
  • Redone external sounds with jet rumble mixed-in
  • Improved quality of internal sound sample
  • Replaced camera system GUIDs to avoid potential conflicts with other aircrafts
  • MFD MAINT page now shows aircraft exceedances- Revised NAV lights positions
  • Added Velocity Vector and Energy Caret to MFD-HUD page- Added TAWS “Pull UP” Cue to MFD-HUD page
  • Added AoA bracket to MFD-HUD page- Revised HUD-ILS loc and glideslope bars
  • Fixed minor slats animation glitch
  • Added DEP controls (Mouse Wheel only)
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