JustSim – ELLX Luxembourg Findel Airport MSFS

For Flight Simulator, JustSim sells the new scenery of Luxembourg Findel ELLX.

You may appreciate this release with the recent launch of the official World Update 4 that covers also Luxembourg country with nice landmarks.

The rest of their existing add-ons are on sale 20% OFF at simMarket.

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3 years ago

@Justsim: Recently I have updated EDDH V1.2 @ 2.0 for X-plane and I am not very impressed: 6.5/10. Still missing jetways animations, missing details, sloppy airport freeways, overlapping grass, no tunnel under the runway, no slope for the bistro Coffee to fly, a lot of bad textures, bad tower viewpoint. This work looks rushed and sloppy. Please polish this airport and bring at least jetways animations to all your products. An unhappy customer. 🙁 PS: look for Sim-Wings Hamburg MSFS.

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