Pilot’s FSG – Boeing B314 The Clipper Pro P3D5 P3D4

Pilot’s present their study level P3D5/P3D4 add-on of the Boeing B314 The Clipper Pro with a custom Sperry Type A Gyropilot system to allow transoceanic flights with specific procedures.

The avionics include authentic gauges, and the custom soundset has been made ArezOne. The virtual cockpit is complete with the Navigation and Radio rooms in 3D.

4 Responses

  1. Too pricey for an aircraft that isn´t at A2A or PMDG DC-6B level.

    1. Everything by Pilot’s is way overpriced. Even their upgrades are expensive. Old software has become ********** as you have to buy new product in order to get support for older ones.

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