Lionheart – Trinidad TB-21 GT MSFS Update

Just before your next takeoff in the Trinidad TB-21 GT for MSFS, make sure you have the latest update installed first.

You should now have the installer from Lionheart Creations in version 4.1 (with the latest gauges fixes that were needed after the main update 4.0).

Version 4.0 changelog :

  • 3D Instruments fitted using Asobo pure coding for enhanced frame rates and realism
  • Instruments now feature on/off lighting control* Instruments now feature ‘dimming’ knob for low light flying at night
  • Cabin lighting system totally revamped with improved overhead spotlights and also blue glow light mode.
  • Some wear and realism added to the leather and vinyl interiors. Blue interior color totally revamped for truer color
  • Instrument face panels in Instrument Pods are revamped and more truer to actual panels of Trinidads; less shine, redone graphics, crisper edges
  • Various knobs on instrument panel redone/revamped. Rudder pedals rebuilt
  • Adjustments to handling and stability below 80 knots
  • Flaps speed and drag performance Mod’s for better realism when in descent with full flaps active
  • Retracting exterior foot pedal system restored and active
  • Park Mode system now only active on the ground. For those that liked to deploy wheel chocks while in flight, I am sorry.
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