Pilot’S FSG – Boeing B314 The Clipper Pro/Basic P3D5 P3D4

Basic or Pro ? You have now the choice between two versions if you want to fly the vintage Boeing 314 The Clipper produced by Pilot’S FSG for P3D5, or P3D4.5.

The BASIC version is made for pilots who want to load and fly, quickly. Nevertheless, you get the bells and whisles of the visual and main pilot features : the complete Virtual Cockpit with Navigation and Radio Room, the authentic and realistic gauges, custom sounds and 4K textures, and a basic use of the Sperry Type A Gyropilot for transoceanic flights.

For the complete table of differences between BASIC and PRO versions, open this table here. The PRO will feature the complete autopilot features, fuel and water drainage operations, full checklists, and more.

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