Golden Key Studio – MIG-21bis “Fishbed” Standard & Professional P3D Update 1.5

Golden Key Studio developers are pleased to announce that a new version 1.5 of their MiG-21Bis “Fishbed” is available for download!

And they celebrate this free upgrade for registered customers with a 25% OFF sale for new pilots in Prepar3D, offer valid until July 29th.

Release Notes:
New features
* RADAR “Sapfir-21” – now available for P3D Academic , Pro and ProPlus (Extended Edition)
* COMMAND GUIDANCE SYSTEM “LAZUR-M” now available for P3D Academic , Pro and ProPlus (Extended Edition)
* SPO-10 – radar exposure warning system – improved functionality now available for P3D Academic , Pro and ProPlus (Extended Edition)
* Optical sight – “ASP” – now supporting RADAR “Sapfir”-21 aiming
* Pitot heating – The pitot tube may freeze if the heating is not turned on. This leads to incorrect readings of the altimeter and AoA gauges.
* Night cockpit lighting – improved visual
* External visual model improved
* Added new liveries
  Special thanks to everyone who sent us tips and comments to improve functionality. We tried to take into account all your comments left on the forum. We wish you good flights in the virtual sky!The MiG-21 Bis (NATO reporting name: “Fishbed”) is a supersonic front-line jet fighter and interceptor aircraft, designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. Due to its simplicity of design, ease of mastering the piloting technique and excellent indicators of speed and maneuverability, the Mig-21 is widely used in the world.

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