Aeroplane Heaven – Cessna 140 MSFS Update : GNS 430 + Floats variant

The Cessna 140 has been enhanced by Aeroplane Heaven for MSFS pilots, in order to add the Floats version, and to replace the G1000 avionics with a GNS 430, more compact on the main panel and user friendly.

The original pack already includes the Bush variant with toundra wheels, and the standard variant. Now directly in the sim, you can switch between the 3D versions.

Main update changelog:

  • Model reconfigured to give choice of SPATS, NO SPATS or BUSHWHEELS selectable directly in the sim without the need for separate models.
  • Floatplane Version added
  • G1000 replaced with more compact, user friendly, optional avionics suite comprising:GNS 430 (GPS)GTX 328 TransponderS-Tec 55 Autopilot
  • Numerous texture improvements
  • Rain effect reversed to fall in the correct direction.
  • Missing rear left quarter cabin structure textures replaced in all liveries
  • Revised electrics code to allow for continuous alternator operation Revised engine code9) Revised fuel-burn

Remaining issues are corrected with the more recent Hotfix v1.2

  • Corrected thumbnail for Yellow/Brown livery for the float version.
  • Missing “Direct-to” button added to GNS430
  • A small round shadow removed from panel backer
  • Rain effect entering cabin fixed
  • Mixture lever animation reversed
  • VSI re-coded to give correct reading
  • Further modifications to electrical systems
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