Microsoft Flight Simulator – World Update VI Austria Germany Switzerland

In order to prevent any trouble to download the latest update of Flight Simulator, especially for those who got it through Microsoft Store, it’s officially recommended to dowload first the Xbox free application at Microsoft Store.

Then you can proceed with the update process following these steps :

  • In Microsoft Store, download 509.8 Mb the initial update for Flight Simulator
  • At MSFS launch, the mandatory update v1.19.8.0 download starts and it will retrieve 2.67 Gb
  • In the simulator, get the free World Update VI with a 5,10 Gb download.

Now that you are there, here is the content detail of this new World Update VI :

  • 3 countries covered : Austria, Germany and Switzerland
  • Airports :
    • EDHL – Lübeck Airport
    • EDDS – Stuttgart Airport
    • LOWK – Klagenfurt Airport
    • LSZR – St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport
  • Photogrammetry Cities :
    • Bielefeld
    • Braunschweig
    • Frankfurt am Main
    • Konstanz
    • Wuppertal
    • Graz
    • Vienna
    • Basel
  • Dozens of points of interest
  • Landing challenges
  • Bush trips
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