Indiafoxtecho – T-45C Goshawk New version for MSFS

Interesting update for the pilots who own the T-45C Goshawk in MSFS. Indiafoxtecho takes advantage of the Sim Update V enhancements to the cockpit functionality to improve greatly the performance and display precision.

Small touches impact the flight model but they still want to improve it further with a future rebuild from scratch of this aspect.

Here is below the copy of their announcement :

“The highlights of this version are the implementation of Sim Update V cockpit interface, along with HTML 5/JavaScript for the HUD.

The HUD should now be shaper, will work fine with TAA and will support faster frame rates – it is NOT collimated yet, which can be annoying especially in VR, and it is still barely visible against direct sunlight.

We have made small changes to the flight and engine model but we are not completely happy with them and we plan to rebuild them in future.

Last, this version has been flagged as X-BOX COMPATIBLE and will undergo Microsoft testing for console release, HOWEVER we believe that controlling the MFD with a joypad is less than ideal and mouse with Legacy Cockpit Interface is way better.

VERSION 1.2.0 – Major code update and bug fixing, X-Box release.

  • Implemented Sim Update V Cockpit Interface
  • Replaced XML HUD with HTML5/JS HUD for clarity and compatibility
  • More accurate acceleration behavior at lower speeds
  • More accurate top speed
  • More realistic pitch trim behavior
  • Reworked indicated fuel flow calculations
  • Removed “Lite” option (not used by players and no significant performance increase after Sim Update V)
  • Implemented Sim Update V Wheels Special Effects
  • Fixed minor bug in GTS starter command
  • Improved HUD glass rendering
  • Fixed instruments HUD overlay (broken after SU5)
  • Added commanded heading marker to ADI (when no steering mode selected)
  • Added waypoint numbering in MFD HSI mode
  • Added Zulu time in MFD HUD mode
  • Added Ghost VV in MFD HUD mode
  • Added Nav Mode, Distance and TTS in MFD HUD mode
  • HUD Brightness control has now 10 settings
  • HUD Auto/Day knob selector now correctly reduces brightness at night if AUTO is selected
  • MFD BRT and CONT controls are now functional (although they basically both control brightness and self illumination)
  • Fixed minor bug in rear cockpit audio panel
  • Fixed information tags on several controls”
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