Aerosoft – Airports of St. Mary, Komodo, DSKY Boa Vista MSFS

Aerosoft added at simMarket 3 different sceneries that could complete your MSFS collection, each one is located in a different continent.

Let’s start with the newest release : DSKY Boa Vista GVBA, on Cape-Verde island in Africa. The custom vegetation and objects reproduce the local style with great accuracy compared to actual pictures of the real place.

In Asia this time, you can visit the nice and modern airport of Komodo (WATO) in Indonesia. Animated passengers make part of the advanced features here. More than the usual PBR materials, you will also appreciate specific landmarks in the surroundings.

At St. Mary airport in Scilly Islands, the English spot is a good selection for light aircraft pilots who want to meet both expectation of a detailed airfield with 3D people, numerous objects, and very high definition ground textures (4K PBR) along a spectacular scenery with realistic shoreline.

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