ToLiss – A340-600 X-Plane Update 1.01

The advanced simulation for X-Plane 11 of the haul airliner Airbus A340-600 by ToLiss got a first update 1.01.

It’s useful to add an option to reduce the memory load by disabling the cabin objects, or use the compromise of hiding just a part of the cabin.

Changes from V1.0:

Minor new features:

– Added a switch to inhibit the cabin object in all views to reduce VRAM usage on weaker machines

– Added a switch to inhibit only the inseat screens in the cabin without removing the entire cabin for performance optimization

– Sound volumes now respond to the x-plane sound setting sliders for internal and external sounds

– Improved engine fan modelling and engine textures

Bug fixes:

– Increased rolling drag to reduce maximum taxi speed achieved at idle

– Force fuselage model to use high resolution textures in the Hi Def model to avoid appearance of seams

– Replaced ALT mode armed with ALT CRZ mode armed when FCU is set to cruise alt

– Fixed switch animations on EVAC panel- Reduced maximum step size when rotating FCU knobs

– Fixed ABV/BLW function of the TCAS system

– Retuned pitch take-off transition from ground to flight law- Retuned flare law, including pitch compensation for ailerons going up on the ground

– Fixed a crash with Direct To Radial Out function

– Fixed an issue with the CI cruise speed

– Improved pitch warning callout conditions- Improved braking action at low weight

– Fixed visibility of fast rotating fan blades through cabin windows

– Fixed normal map issue in standard def model leading to excessive reflections on cockpit side elements

– Fixed semi-transparent door sills on fuselage

– Fixed position of window plugs in center fuse

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