Majestic Software – Q400 Training Edition P3D4-5 and Launch Offer 25% OFF

Clearly intended for experienced flight simmers, Majestic Software launch the Training Edition of their popular Dash 8 Q400 turboprop aircraft. And for the launch, the price is reduced 25% OFF until December 3. Regardless of that, if you own the Pro Edition, you are offered a reduced price.

Provided with a custom Flight Data Recorder, the product allows to record and replay the flight to repeat and analyze flight situations, or for demonstration purpose.

In this particularly advanced version, you will also have technical features like FMS RAIM simulation, flight controls disconnect simulation and more failures possibilities (Flight Controls, Landing Gear, Powerplant), Surface slopes support.

On top of all that, more visual upgrades have been implemented : the Visual Extension Package is now included, the rain effects of TFDi Design TrueGlass is also here. And a future upgrade for owners of this new Training Edition will allow them to receive a free of charge visual upgrade for the Virtual Cockpit with new objects, textures and instruments.

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