Redwing Sim – L-1049 Super-Constellation MSFS Update V0.1.5

Registered pilots of the L-1049 Super-Constellation in MSFS have been notified of a new update from Redwing Sim.

First, you have to delete all previous folder of the aircraft including the Redwing-smoke part in the Community folder of MSFS. Then, install the new version 0.1.5 featuring Artificial Intelligence Flight Engineer.

The full changelog also include the following items

  • manage checklists including 12 mn of UK voices
    • (before start / boarding /start engine/ warmup / taxiing / before takeoff / climb / descent / after landing / parking)
  • manage power (max power, meto power, climb power, cruise power, approach power)
  • Help audio voices captain / copilot / Flight Engineer (alert, caution and warning)
  • Oil system (quantity,heating, transfert, hyd pump or elec. pump)
  • Fire system (detection, extinguishers, engines and cabin heaters)
  • Smoke (fire engines, fire heaters, dump valves, oil leak, mixture)
  • Dump system (main 1+2, 3+4 or 2A+3A)
  • Damage engine and oil leak smoke
  • External light reworked (including rotating beacons, distance of visibility and glows)

Swiss Air livery will be available soon

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