iniBuilds – A300-600R(F) On The Line Update v2.02 X-Plane

iniBuilds team announced another update for their popular iniSimulations A300-600R(F) On The Line. The latest version 2.02 fixes several bugs and adds other features that will be appreciated.

Use their iniManager to retrieve the necessary files, it’s full automatic. The curious X-Plane pilots may read the full changelog below.

Update v2.02 changelog

– Improved cabin passenger light panel clickspots
– Improved FO EFB Alignment
– IRS ON BAT/Align mode bug fixed
– FCU buttons should no longer clip
– ATC button hovering issue now fixed 
– VOR on PAX windows glass bug resolved
– Autosave on EFB clipping now fixed
– ECAM SD popout now fixed 
– HSI now fixed
– ILS Coursepointer in ARC mode fixed
– VOR manual mode now added
– Heading bug is not visible at night on nav display in rose mode resolved
– ILS course in ARC mode now adjustable
– Fuel page drawing bug on LBS corrected
– Improvement to turn direction logic in FMS
– Improvement to FMS behaviour on respecting altitude CST on given turns
– Engine fan blade issue now fixed
– Cargo containers bug on removal now fixed

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