Fly the Maddog X – P3D New Update and MSFS Preview

The high quality Fly The Maddog MD-80 series add-on with ultra realistic systems receives again a new update, that is free for all registered pilots at simMarket. The developers team at Leonardo SH mentions that it’s updated for free to the new version “Open Beta build (2.1b833)” for both P3D4 and P3D5, in order to “fix a bug present in latest full 2.1b827”, and “includes new code enhancements resulting from the ongoing development for MSFS”.

Yes you read correctly. Thanks to their current development of the MD-82 for MSFS, the existing airliner add-on and expansion for Prepar3D have received the latest enhancements possible. For the simmers who fly with MSFS, the classic airliner of McDonnell Douglas is already under Beta tests ! Flying smoothly, with all advanced systems already working thanks to the SDK and core simulator progress of MSFS, the failures system is also ready.

For MSFS, their plan is to launch first a “basic package” to simulate the MD-82, that will be followed by other expansions to add the MD-83/88 variants, and also “-217C/-219 engines, Canadian Marconi FMS and PMS, EFB and ageing/servicing features.”

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