Aviaworx – AviaFlyByWire MSFS or P3D FSX

Aviaworx brings a solution to simulate FlyByWire of modern airliners into MSFS in order to better control the flight controls input, like the pitch sensitivity that you may find too harsh by default in the flight simulator.

AviaFlyByWire is also available for P3D V5/V2 FSX. It’s a tool with a Free demo that you can test at LOWS Salzburg without time limit in the vincinity of the Austrian airport.

MSFS virtual pilots can also enjoy AviaCDU MSFS, a Remote CDU on your smartphone or tablet for the Aerosoft CRJ, or AviaFlightMonitor MSFS that monitors your approaches and gives you direct feedback on how well you did.

Pree Release copy

“What is the best thing about the new Microsoft Flight Simulator? For sure the great graphics and the possibility to discover our earth in a new way.
But many complain about the unstable and unrealistic flight behavior of airplanes, especially the high pitch sensitivity.

The remedy for this is aviaFlyByWire. This assistance system, fully integrated into the aviaServer suite, implements a fly-by-wire flight controller similar to the one installed in complex commercial aircraft.

aviaFlyByWire decouples the direct connection between the input device (joystick / yoke) and the actual control surfaces of the aircraft (elevator and aileron).
Instead, aviaFlyByWire interprets these input signals and calculates pitch and roll rates based on certain parameters, which allows the aircraft to fly much smoother while the pilot remains in full control at all times.

aviaFlyByWire is also equipped with an automatic trim function, completely eliminating the need for manual trimming. This also ensures a seamless transition between manual flight and flying with the aviaFlyByWire assistance system.

Realism is in the foreground at all times: aviaFlyByWire does not change the flight physics, instead similar control functions have been implemented as they are used in real aircraft. As a pilot, you can always see exactly how aviaFlyByWire controls the aircraft by looking at the yoke in the virtual cockpit of the aircraft.

aviaFlyByWire can be tested for free: simply download aviaServer at, assign a key for aviaFlyByWire and within the vicinity of LOWS (Salzburg) the entire functionality of aviaFlyByWire is available for an unlimited time.”

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