Just Flight – MSFS Aircraft Development News 146 Pro & DC-Designs Concorde

The DC-Designs team – in charge of the development of the Concorde MSFS for the publisher Just Flight – posted a new message which gives a lot of information on their state of progress, the features included, the stages and the finishes which remain to be made, and even when the release is scheduled. Here is a summary that lists this raw information. Further below, more development news about the upcoming 146 Professional MSFS.

Already done –

  • Fuel system
    with 13 tanks,
    160 connecting fuel lines,
    38 pumps,
    34 valves
  • All main systems operational
  • Baggage fwd/aft animated doors upon baggage load/unload request
  • Refuel and Ground Power hatch open as well, with respective vehicles arrival
  • Electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Full Autopilot features (max-climb, max-cruise,ILS tracking..)
  • Flight model real life performance with trans-Atlantic range
  • Fuel burn match real data closely
  • PBR exterior body

To be done –

  • Interactive point extra features (jetway attachment, ground power, fuel trucks, baggage loading, boarding ramps,..)
  • Cockpit lights and projection being coded
  • Artwork improvements
  • Interior modelling and details
  • Galley and passengers cabin details
  • Custom soundset well underway

Release Target

  • March 2022

Here’s a selection of the latest preview screenshots shared by Just Flight, taken during a test flight by the project lead Martyn Northall. The 146 Professional for MSFS will include “the 100 to 300 passenger variants, the 200QC and QT, 300 QT, RAF CC.Mk2 ‘Statesman’ and C.Mk3”.

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2 years ago

beautiful plane. Question will this work with the Ai Control, and is it Coded in so that it will fly the aircraft from take off to landing?? Please let me know Thanks.

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